Random Spottings: Canada and Burt Reynolds

Coral Ridge Ice Arena

Ambling past Coral Ridge Mall’s small ice arena on Monday, I noticed something peculiar. While Iowa lies nowhere near any Canadian border, mall pedestrians can spot both American and Canadian flags displayed upon the rink’s wall.

This prompts the question: is the Canadian signature on hockey so great that it necessitates  even the most obscure foreign frozen playing surfaces to pay homage through the display of a red maple leaf?

I say sure – while some Americans choose to mock our pleasant neighbors to the Great White North, why not give credit where credit is due? Hockey is pretty awesome.

What wouldn't Burt Reynolds do?

Spotted on a compact car parked on Washington Street: a bumper sticker asking, “What would Burt Reynolds Do?”

A fine and appropriately random question indeed, but wouldn’t a better sticker ask, “What wouldn’t Burt Reynolds do?”

I apologize to those of you who read this hoping I had actually spotted Burt Reynolds incarnate. Surely this headline is misleading, but I’d like to assume that, in a way, a part of Burt Reynolds is with us wherever we go.



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2 responses to “Random Spottings: Canada and Burt Reynolds

  1. Nathanial

    Someday I hope to see you with a But Reynolds moustache. Or a Tom Selleck… take your pick.

  2. jmalewitz

    Hmmm, I think I’ll take the Selleck, but I’ll need to grow the complimentary chest hair as well. But I’m not sure how all of that will translate to ginger.

    I’d like to see you grow a Prefontaine, I think it would suit you: http://www.prefontainerun.com/

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